Advisory Services

Keyway offer clients direct access to over 35 years of investment and management services ranging from corporate restructure, risk diversification, developing financing strategies to introducing banking partners.

Our extensive experience is particularly relevant in today’s market environment whether trying to achieve acquisition, diversification to evaluating strategic positions and opportunities. We combine independence and experience to assist our clients to develop, execute, and achieve their vision and potential.

Some key services we provide:-

  • Financing – Our aim is to remove the burden of financing for our clients.  We assist in diversify risks and recommending relevant financing related products for our clients such as Merchant Account, Trade Financing, Credit Cards etc.
  • Business Advisory – Analysis on current and future business prospects, with the aim of advancing the company.  Service may include reviewing the legal, finance, tax and risks factors for a start-up business or restructure an existing business.
  • Transactions & Restructuring – Keyway aim to assist in expanding your business by way of purchase, sale, funding and exploring new businesses that will produce synergy.