Shelf Companies List

A ready-made or shelf company is a company that has had no activity. It was created by Keyway and left with no activity waiting to be sold to our clients that wishes to start a company without going through all the procedures and hassles of creating a new one.

Keyway has ready-made companies incorporated in popular jurisdictions below.

Country English Name Chinese Name Incorp Date
Anguilla Action Ventures Limited 安興有限公司 2017-01-05
Anguilla Apex Sky Limited 創豐有限公司 2017-01-05
Anguilla Brisk Success Limited 動捷有限公司 2017-01-05
Anguilla Craft Front Limited 匠成有限公司 2017-01-05
Anguilla Crest Land Limited 美俊有限公司 2017-01-05
Anguilla Dreamers World Limited 領置有限公司 2017-01-05
Anguilla Gold Falcon Limited 金優有限公司 2017-01-05
Anguilla Golden Global Limited 金環球有限公司 2017-01-05
Anguilla Brilliant Max Limited 2017-01-03
Anguilla Fealty Pro Limited 2017-01-03
Anguilla Mark Gain Limited 2017-01-03
Anguilla Optimun Star Limited 2017-01-03
Anguilla Rich Plus Limited 2017-01-03
Anguilla Top Up Limited 2017-01-03
Anguilla Vision Avenue Limited 2017-01-03
Anguilla Briskstyle Limited 濂風有限公司 2016-11-04
Anguilla Energetic-V Limited 縊灞有限公司 2016-11-04
Anguilla Fair Ascent Limited 2016-11-04
Anguilla Grant Link Limited 弘領有限公司 2016-11-04
Anguilla Jovial Choice Limited 如悅有限公司 2016-11-04
Anguilla Shine Earth Limited 成曦有限公司 2016-11-04
Anguilla Star Prestige Limited 天御有限公司 2016-11-04
Anguilla Zest Zone Limited 臻璡有限公司 2016-11-04
Anguilla Ardent Burgeon Limited 2016-08-16
Anguilla Dynamic Shaft Limited 裕箭有限公司 2016-08-16
Anguilla Fame Solution Limited 成決有限公司 2016-08-16
Anguilla Lithe Charm Limited 2016-08-16
Anguilla Reframe Assets Limited 2016-06-28
Anguilla Earl Dazzle Limited 譽弘有限公司 2016-04-28
Anguilla Illumine Limited 昂揚有限公司 2016-04-28
Anguilla Radiance Faith Limited 盛運有限公司 2016-04-28
Anguilla Majestic Top Limited 瑋庭有限公司 2016-04-05
Anguilla Precious Scene Limited 2016-04-05
Anguilla Toparchy Limited 顥郡有限公司 2016-04-05
Anguilla Vernal High Limited 頂尖有限公司 2016-04-05
Anguilla Allied Partner Limited 2016-03-29
Anguilla Benevolent Limited 2016-03-29
Anguilla Rosy Height Limited 2016-03-29
Anguilla Epoch Jolly Limited 世朗有限公司 2016-02-23
Anguilla Gain Celebrity Limited 兆星有限公司 2016-02-23
Anguilla Mighty Chariot Limited 2016-02-01
Anguilla Astute Motion Limited 睿圖有限公司 2016-01-06
Anguilla Excellence Sunshine Limited 佰業有限公司 2016-01-06
Anguilla Galaxy Amber Limited 2016-01-05
Anguilla Mount Crystal Limited 2016-01-05
Anguilla Dragon Giver Limited 聚攏有限公司 2015-12-11
Anguilla Fancy Climax Limited 2015-12-11
Anguilla Glorious Oasis Limited 豈揚有限公司 2015-12-11
Anguilla Gorgeous Limited 卓怡有限公司 2015-12-11
Anguilla Harmonic Limited 巒鳴有限公司 2015-12-11
Anguilla Heavy Felicity Limited 2015-12-11
Anguilla Pure Baron Limited 2015-12-11
Anguilla Star Gazer Limited 2015-12-11
Anguilla Vibrant Life Limited 動力有限公司 2015-12-11
Anguilla Union Thrive Limited 和茂有限公司 2015-08-21
Anguilla Elite Aim Limited 珒然有限公司 2015-03-11
Anguilla Air Avatar Limited 2015-03-09
Anguilla Chameleon Limited 2015-03-09
Anguilla Drift Air Limited 2015-03-09
Anguilla Fighting Fit Limited 輝京有限公司 2015-02-24
Anguilla Lux River Limited 卓薈有限公司 2015-02-24
Anguilla Miracle Clover Limited 妙福有限公司 2015-02-24
Anguilla Smart League Limited 千頌有限公司 2015-02-24
Anguilla Surplus Limited 佳餘有限公司 2015-02-24
Anguilla Time Creatio Limited 美時有限公司 2015-02-24
Anguilla Charm Ascent Limited 2015-02-23
Anguilla Nimble World Limited 2015-02-23
Anguilla Sweet Boom Limited 2015-02-23
Anguilla Knight Errant Limited 2015-01-08
Anguilla Cloud Chariot Limited 2015-01-02
Anguilla Gigantic Ocean Limited 海隆有限公司 2015-01-02
Anguilla Heroic Vantage Limited 2015-01-02
Anguilla Solution Knight Limited 2015-01-02
Anguilla State Smart Limited 捷國有限公司 2015-01-02
Anguilla Summit Way Limited 頂貿有限公司 2015-01-02
Anguilla Oasis Frontier Limited 2014-11-18
Anguilla Genius Depot Limited 品匯有限公司 2014-11-06
Anguilla Metro Sino Limited 都迅有限公司 2014-11-06
Anguilla River Wisdom Limited 穎川有限公司 2014-11-06
Anguilla Sino Voyage Limited 華帆有限公司 2014-11-06
Anguilla Sky Yield Limited 億天有限公司 2014-11-06
Anguilla Effective Trade Global Limited 2014-01-02
Anguilla Exalt Ascend Limited 2014-01-02
British Virgin Islands Charm Cape Limited
British Virgin Islands Cyber Shaft Enterprise Limited
British Virgin Islands Dream Earl Limited
British Virgin Islands Grandex Management Limited
British Virgin Islands Radiance Prime Limited
British Virgin Islands Merit Peak Limited
British Virgin Islands Toparchy Limited
British Virgin Islands Focus Metro Limited
British Virgin Islands Skyield Enterprise Limited
British Virgin Islands Stateway Management Limited
British Virgin Islands Riverlux Limited
British Virgin Islands Union Glazer Limited
British Virgin Islands Purecho Limited
British Virgin Islands Glorious Chain Limited
British Virgin Islands Divine Dragon Enterprise Limited
British Virgin Islands Divine Pacific Enterprise Limited
British Virgin Islands Topmax Ventures Limited
British Virgin Islands Divine Sky Limited
British Virgin Islands Dragon View Ventures Limited
British Virgin Islands Prime View Management Limited
British Virgin Islands Asiaview Management Limited
British Virgin Islands Divine Star Limited
British Virgin Islands Zandon Enterprise Limited
British Virgin Islands Darson Enterprise Limited
Hong Kong Alpha Brave Global Limited 2014-01-30
Hong Kong Master Pacific Holdings Limited 2014-02-05
Hong Kong Acute Edge Enterprises Limited 2014-02-06
Hong Kong Quick Wit Trading Limited 2014-02-07
Hong Kong Central Business Advisors Limited 2014-02-25
Hong Kong Couture Asset Limited 2014-03-28
Hong Kong Avancer Business Company Limited 2014-03-28
Hong Kong Dragon Partners Trading Limited 2014-03-31
Seychelles Brilliant Star Limited 2016-07-06
Seychelles Denton Group Limited 2016-07-06
Seychelles Dragon Land Limited 2016-07-06
Seychelles Karwood Holdings Limited 2016-07-06
Seychelles Kenson Holdings Limited 2016-07-06
Seychelles Mcade Limited 2016-07-05
Seychelles Sharpson Limited 2016-07-05
Seychelles Silver Diamond Limited 2016-07-05
Seychelles Success Dynasty Limited 2016-07-05
Seychelles Top Pacific Limited​ 2016-07-05
Seychelles Zandon Group Limited 2016-07-05